Adult Education

There are many opportunities available for adults to learn more about Judaism whether it be the traditions, culture or just your personal beliefs. Get to know your fellow congregants in one of our enjoyable classes and groups. A sampling of our offerings include:

Torah Study is the study of the Talmud, Bible and Mishkan through the reading and discussing of the weekly parsha. We look at multiple versions of the Old Testament including the Tanach, Etz Chayim or Plaut interpretations. Our study groups meet during the week or during Shabbat morning. We offer in person and remote sessions to read and review the portion. Our clergy are present at these sessions and help us to understand the section and compare them to today’s lives.

Meditation sessions provide focused attention to improve physical or psychological well -being and are taught weekly by our Cantor David Katz. Mindfulness, relaxation, and Yoga Nidre all help us learn as a group to focus on the task at hand. Push the other thoughts running through your mind and body out even if just for the hour we are convening.  After each session, you will feel completely mellow, or may even fall asleep, but one way or another your stress is going to dissipate. Our mediation classes encourage a restful state of mind. Classes are often held remotely so all you need is a place to relax that’s peaceful and quiet.

Chanting Torah is taught weekly by Cantor Katz and is recommended for anyone who would like to learn how to Chant. The official name for this skill is Cantillation, which means Singing in Latin. You do not need to have a good singing voice or rhythm. You just need to have the desire to learn and the time available.

Liturgy and Music of the High Holidays offers the opportunity to get yourself ready for the holidays both spiritually and liturgically. Our Cantor will be exploring our prayerbook in addition to the historical and spiritual meaning of the High Holiday liturgy along with musical references.

Back-to-Basics Hebrew classes are offered for those who didn’t have the opportunity to study Hebrew as a child or just need a refresher, come and learn the basics of letter recognition and reading. We will study vocabulary, grammar, and reading with an emphasis on prayers and understanding their meaning and place in the service.

For more information, please contact the office:
(516) 433-9888 Ext 14