Shabbat Services

TEMPLE OR ELOHIM, A COMMUNITY REFORM CONGREGATION is a consolidation of two synagogues of like mind and spirit, where Jewish tradition and rituals are recognized as an important part of our lives. “Or Elohim” means Light of God which is characterized in our stained-glass windows located in the sanctuary of the Temple bordering the Ark.

We use the Mishkan Tfillah which is the Reform Judaism prayer book for services which has Hebrew, transliteration, and English. We use the Etz Chayim for our congregants to follow along during Torah Readings.

Services are conducted every Shabbat evening, traditionally at 7:30 PM, and they are open to the community. Shabbat morning services are held sporadically throughout the year and, of course, when a young person is becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or there is a holiday. Pages are announced throughout the services for everyone to follow along. Children are encouraged to attend our services, and we also dedicate numerous services to our younger audience throughout the year to make it more engaging for them.

The majority of our services are streamed live and they are also archived online if you’d like to watch them at your convenience.