Cantor’s Message

“Shiru L’adonai shir chadash”- Sing a new song unto God! Music is an integral part of all of Jewish life.
Where would we be as people without the glorious music that has been in our tradition for millenia?
When I was ordained as a Cantor, my mentor told me ” your entire job in life now is to inspire people to pray , with your voice.”

Since that day I have never forgotten his words. It is such an honor to be able to transmit the remarkable tradition of Jewish music and prayer to a congregation. To know that I am contributing to a larger and more important intention, to inspire those in my congregation with my voice and chanting. Hoping they are moved to prayer and introspection as the holy combination of liturgy and music permeates the sanctuary.

I have always felt it is such an honor to be this messenger and it is truly fulfilling and special for me.
But even more fulfilling is seeing people engage and hearing them join in as we all- b’yachad- together, share the beautiful music or our tradition set to our timeless liturgy, all year long.

This for me is truly the gift that I get every time I hear a community join in and “sing a new song unto God!”
When this happens,I then know that I am truly inspiring and fulfilling my role as the “Sheliach Tsibur” deliverer of prayer, to my congregation.

Cantor Katz

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